About us


Our roots are in the petrochemical industry where aeration is utilized to address contaminated soils and groundwater. We got our start in the onsite wastewater industry using these environmental engineering principles to rejuvenate failed leachfields.

Geomatrix is results driven and science based; we believe in a commitment to data and facts over assumptions.

We are committed to our clients and improving the environment, with space efficient, cost effective and practical solutions and products available through distribution.

Our Services

Wastewater Treatment

Leading the residential, and commercial wastewater industry in over 20 states and Canada  


We are thoroughly committed to testing products before bringing them to market. That is why we maintain a Bio safety level 1 Lab.  


Geomatrix is committed to the entire water reclamation process and our team can help in the diagnostics of wastewater problems .

Construction Management

Our unique team of engineers and site managers provide plan review and design assistance to move your project further, faster. 

Who we are

We are scientists, specializing in soils, wastewater treatment, microbiology, hydrogeology and construction management that are redefining the field of onsite wastewater treatment. Geomatrix is results driven and science based: we are not bound by industry norms.  

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